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Getting to Know You...


I want to start by saying a huge thank you for visiting my website. This is all new to me, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. Once I'm up and running, my aim is to publish a monthly, seasonal blog/newsletter with promotions, updates and maybe even the occasional freebie or giveaway! For now, however, I thought I'd kick things off by sharing a little bit more information about me, my life and where I get the inspiration for my stories.

First of all - this is me.

I'm a married mum of two and I live in the beautiful Speyside region in the Highlands of Scotland. I also have three furbabies - a cocker spaniel named Barney, a Great Dane named Fergus and a Ragdoll cat named Alfie. And yes, of course, the cat is the boss!

I was born and brought up in Glasgow - a city I still love - but I'm so happy to have made my home and be raising my children in the Highlands. It's so full of beauty and they have so much fun exploring the great outdoors. I have a five year old daughter and a two year old son.

I've been a primary school teacher for twelve years now, and I absolutely love working with children and young people. I'm lucky enough to be able to teach part time right now, which gives me lots of time to spend with my kids and indulging my first love, which was always writing.

When I'm not writing I love to bake and decorate cakes, although I try not to do it too often as I have no willpower and end up eating everything I make!

I'll sign off for now, but if you'd like to subscribe to the website please fill in the form below, or if you ever want to get in touch I can be reached via email or my social media accounts. I'd especially love to hear any feedback you have on my books! I'll be back soon with another post sharing some of the inspirations behind my novels, including my current work-in-progress, so watch this space!

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