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Title Reveal!

Thank you so much to everyone who has pre-ordered 'A Hogmanay Kiss'! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. Thanks also to everyone who has subscribed to the website so far. You still have until midnight on the 30th November if you would like to subscribe and receive your very own FREE Mobi download of 'A Hogmanay Kiss' as a thank you.

The official relelase of both e-Book and paperback - available on Amazon from the 1st December - include a special sneak peek at the first chapter of my current Work in Progress. This will be my third full length novel, and today I am absolutely delighted to reveal the title as...

Ta dah!

I hope you like it. I'm just past the halfway mark, and hoping to have it ready for publication by Spring/Summer 2021. To further whet your appetite, I've also included a draft of the blurb below. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

She’s an Englishwoman in a Scotsman’s job… What could possibly go wrong?

Jamie Macallan-Grant has officially hit rock bottom. She’s sleeping with her married boss, living with her alcoholic mother, and is fed up of waiting for her real life to begin. But when an unexpected letter arrives, informing her that she’s inherited a Highland estate from an unknown relative, suddenly Jamie has a chance at a new beginning.

Alasdair Beattie is nursing a broken heart. Coming home to the village he grew up in, and taking on a job as the local headteacher, he had been hoping for a quieter life. But between the threatened closure of the little village school, and the arrival of their curious new Laird, Alasdair’s settled world is suddenly thrown upside down.

Befriended by Alasdair’s family, city girl Jamie finds herself unexpectedly warming to life in this remote Highland community; not to mention growing quite fond of the rugged, but soft-hearted, Scotsman himself. And the more she finds out about the inhabitants of the estate - from surly single mother Becca, to her own enigmatic, but long departed, father - the more Jamie begins to question where in the world she really belongs.

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